Building an Audience

The SK NDP leadership race just went through a sprint to the finish for memberships. Memberships purchased prior to January 25th allowed people to vote in the leadership race. Those purchased after the deadline are not permitted to do so. I’m sure the reasons for this are good (or if they’re not, they’ll be changed), […]

Turning “Likes” into “Loves”

I’ve posted before on how Facebook can be used to promote a cause or campaign through greater engagement, advertizing, and gaming the Facebook heuristic for newpost visibility. I’d like to talk about a few ideas I have (and am using) to move Facebook Likes to the next stage, by encouraging organization memberships, donations, or volunteering. […]

How to use Facebook.

Pro-tip, it’s all about momentum. Recent changes to the way that Facebook promotes posts, and the way that people are encouraged to pay to promote, means that there’s a fair amount of confusion about how to use it effectively for promotion of bands, brands, and organizations. To me Gordon Withers‘ excellent blog is an example […]