Why we shouldn’t poll on the race

OK, I’m not the first to say this at all, but really. Let’s stop polling to see who is ahead in elections. Horse race polling, as it’s called, is a masturbatory exercise when done internally by candidates or parties and provides no valuable insight when done externally. Internal polls are either dismissed or used to […]

Building an Audience

The SK NDP leadership race just went through a sprint to the finish for memberships. Memberships purchased prior to January 25th allowed people to vote in the leadership race. Those purchased after the deadline are not permitted to do so. I’m sure the reasons for this are good (or if they’re not, they’ll be changed), […]

Dividing by race and religion

I’m in the middle of reading Sasha Issenberg’s fascinating book, “The Victory Lab”, which purports to expose the ‘secret science’ of winning campaigns. In fact, it’s not so secret, but instead discusses (gasp) evidence-based actions resulting from randomized experiments. To an academic (and, apparently, especially a non-political scientist), this comes as no shock. It makes […]