Dividing by race and religion

I’m in the middle of reading Sasha Issenberg’s fascinating book, “The Victory Lab”, which purports to expose the ‘secret science’ of winning campaigns. In fact, it’s not so secret, but instead discusses (gasp) evidence-based actions resulting from randomized experiments. To an academic (and, apparently, especially a non-political scientist), this comes as no shock. It makes […]

Playing the Long Game in Campaigns

I’ve posted a few optimistic posts lately, but tonight is Christmas Eve, and I’m feeling pessimistic. Much of my optimism has been related to watching particular kinds of campaigns by organizations like Avaaz, MoveOn, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Obama campaigns, and other, progressive, grassroots-based campaigns that seem to genuinely tap into existing concerns […]

The longterm value of #idlenomore

If you’re not aware of #idlenomore (e.g., you’re not from Canada), go lurk on the Twitter hashtag for a bit or search Facebook. Put simply, it’s an activist response to an omnibus bill (C-45) that, in part, proposes massive and disturbing changes to the way that corporations interact with First Nations’ land. That said, the […]

Turning “Likes” into “Loves”

I’ve posted before on how Facebook can be used to promote a cause or campaign through greater engagement, advertizing, and gaming the Facebook heuristic for newpost visibility. I’d like to talk about a few ideas I have (and am using) to move Facebook Likes to the next stage, by encouraging organization memberships, donations, or volunteering. […]