Show Some Respect

There’s been a lot of talk about the candidacy of Clay Mazurkewich this week in the Saskatoon mayoral race. First, there was a lively debate about whether he was drunk during the mayoral debate. There was the charming dubstep remix of his best lines from the debate. This was followed by two days of publications from almost every media outlet with his explanation: mental illness, his drug management of that illness, and the single beer he consumed. Finally, in the last day or so, pictures have emerged of him over a beer in a bar, some of which have been mockingly captioned, others which have been taken without his awareness by the bartender or waitress serving him. All in all, a tour de force and a debacle for his candidacy, so few were surprised by the Insightrix poll that placed him dead last, behind spoiled ballots.


Honestly, although Mr. Mazurkewich does not have my vote, he does have my respect. How many authors of the mocking social media posts and news commentary pages have the gumption to try to make serious changes in their community? How many would look at the way the city operates and decide that they want to change it by becoming mayor? Mr. Mazurkewich has strong-held convictions, is honest in conveying those, and is often pithy and blunt in conveying them. Would that the rest of the citizens of the city were as engaged.

There has been much made of Mr. Mazurkewich’s candidacy’s seriousness, with some suggesting that candidates that aren’t serious bring down the tone of the debate and make a mockery of the election. In fact, I would argue the opposite. More candidates speaking with passion about issues that matter to them are exactly what we need to increase voter turn out. Last election had a fewer than 30% of the population arrive at the polls. Perhaps a bit more passion and a few more quirky candidates would improve that.

To Mr. Mazurkewich, I applaud your audacity, thank you for your passion, and wish you the best.

2 thoughts on “Show Some Respect

  1. It’s kind of you to have a heartfelt place for Mazurkewich, but you know NOTHING about him. I do. He’s CRUEL and bad to the bone. AND hes been an alcoholic for many, many years. Dont be sucked in. Get facts.

  2. Thanks C B. You’re quite right, I know nothing about him. I’m certainly not advocating voting for him, and if he is cruel, mean, and an unrepentant alcoholic, he is certainly unsuitable for office.

    He may well be a cruel and miserable person as well (and I have little intention of meeting him to verify this) and I’m sorry that you have run afoul of him.

    What I’m railing against, is the small-minded, bullying tone of the critiques of his performance, which are as bad as the characteristics you describe. Speak to his inadequacies for office or to his character with respect to his mayoral bid, but we should not mock and belittle. Otherwise, we become as cruel and bad to the bone as you describe.

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